The Experience

Step into a world where each frame captures the essence of your ranch's vibrant spirit and the untamed beauty of your livestock. As your dedicated ranch livestock photographer, I bring a unique blend of passion, skill, and a keen understanding of the ranching lifestyle to every shoot. With a discerning eye for detail and a commitment to storytelling through imagery, I aim to not just document moments, but to create visual narratives that resonate with authenticity. Beyond photography, my commitment extends to providing comprehensive branding services, ensuring that your ranch is not just seen, but remembered. When you choose me, you're selecting more than a photographer; you're investing in a partner who is deeply committed to showcasing the heart and soul of your ranching legacy.

What We Offer

Donor and Sire Photo & Video

Enhance your breeding program with our professional donor and sire photo services. We capture the essence of your elite livestock, creating compelling visuals that enhance your presentation to potential buyers and showcase the quality of your stock.

Starting at $35/head

Livestock Sale Videography

Elevate your livestock sales with our expert videography services. We create engaging videos that showcase the quality of your animals, enhancing your visual presence to attract and connect with potential buyers effortlessly.

Starting at $35/Head

Branding and Logo Design

Transform your ranching brand with our expert logo design and branding services. We craft unique visual identities that capture the essence of your business, helping you stand out in the market and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Starting at $300

Website Development

Elevate your ranching business with our specialized website development services. From showcasing livestock to facilitating online sales, we create user-friendly websites tailored to enhance your online presence and connect with buyers seamlessly.

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Included in Every Livestock Package

Livestock Photography Session:

  • Comprehensive consultation to understand the client's vision and preferences.
  • On-site visit to the ranch to assess the best angles, lighting, and settings for the shoot.
  • Professional photography session capturing a variety of poses and expressions of the livestock.
  • Post-processing and editing of images to ensure high-quality, polished results.
  • Delivery of a curated gallery of high-resolution digital images for client use.
  • Option for additional prints or custom photo products upon request.

Branding Package:

  • In-depth branding consultation to define the ranch's unique identity and values.
  • Custom logo design that encapsulates the essence of the ranch and its livestock.
  • Development of a cohesive visual style, including color schemes and typography.
  • Creation of marketing collateral such as business cards, letterheads, and promotional materials.
  • Integration of branding elements into digital platforms, including social media profiles and websites.
  • Ongoing support and revisions to ensure the branding aligns with the evolving needs of the ranch.


How would you describe your approach to ranch livestock photography, and what sets your work apart from others in the industry?

My approach to ranch livestock photography is deeply rooted in capturing the authentic spirit and character of each ranch. What sets my work apart is a combination of passion for the ranching lifestyle, a keen eye for detail, and a commitment to storytelling. I believe in creating images that go beyond mere documentation, crafting visual narratives that resonate with genuine emotion and the untamed beauty of your livestock.

What types of livestock do you specialize in photographing, and do you have experience working with diverse breeds and settings?

I specialize in photographing a diverse range of livestock, from cattle and horses to sheep and goats. With extensive experience working with various breeds and in different settings, I ensure that each photoshoot is tailored to showcase the unique qualities of every animal, as well as the distinct characteristics of the ranch environment.

Beyond capturing images, can you elaborate on the additional branding services you offer to ranch owners, and how they contribute to a comprehensive visual identity for their businesses?

In addition to photography, my branding services encompass a comprehensive approach to visually representing your ranch. From designing logos that encapsulate the essence of your brand to creating cohesive marketing materials, I work to build a distinctive visual identity that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression.


What role does storytelling play in your photography, and how do you ensure that each image communicates the unique story of a ranch and its livestock?

Storytelling is at the core of my photography. I believe in going beyond the surface to capture the narratives that define a ranch. By understanding the history, traditions, and daily life of the ranch, I ensure that each image tells a compelling story, creating a visual legacy that goes beyond a simple snapshot.

How do you tailor your services to meet the specific needs and preferences of your clients, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience?

My services are highly customizable to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client. Through initial consultations, I gain insight into your vision and requirements, allowing me to tailor my approach to suit your unique ranching style. Whether it's a specific aesthetic, preferred angles, or unique features, your input guides the entire creative process.

Can you provide examples of successful ranch branding projects you've worked on in the past, highlighting the impact your services have had on enhancing the overall image and recognition of those ranches?

I've had the privilege of working on impactful ranch branding projects that have significantly enhanced the overall image and recognition of these operations. From revamping visual identities to creating compelling marketing materials, my services have helped these ranches establish a strong and memorable presence in their respective markets.