What I'm All About

I have a feeling you've landed here because you're longing for your photos to encapsulate those genuine emotions and the utterly breathtaking moments.

And,,,,Let me take a guess: you're not exactly dreaming of a photo collection filled with stiff, stand-and-smile shots, right? I totally get you!

So here's the deal: I want these pics to totally capture your vibe, become your cherished gems, and hey, maybe even cause a little internet frenzy when you pop them online ;)

It's all about how that moment really played out in front of my lens, from your outfit choice to the morning-after excitement when I send you those sneak peeks. It's about sharing those moments proudly with your loved ones, and even a decade down the line, showing your adorable mini you's just how head-over-heels and seriously awesome their parents were "back in the day."

The Story Behind Showboat Media Co.

One of these days, I'm totally going to spill the beans with a full-blown blog post about the epic history of Showboat Media Co and how "Showboat" even landed in the mix. But hey, for now, let's keep it simple – this guy right here? He's the inspiration for it all. If you're in the livestock show scene, his name might not ring a bell off the bat. But trust me, loads of Midwest parents have some wild tales starring Showboat, or just plain Boat. Nope, my old man's actual name isn't Showboat or Boat. It's just a nickname that tagged along during his road warrior days. You know, back when hitting up cow shows was the jam for like 300 days a year – yep, that was his gig.

As I tossed my graduation cap and set foot in the realm of college, I realized that my future wouldn't solely be confined to assuming control of the family ranch someday. The legacy of Showboat Cattle Company is destined to be carried forward by my brother. However, I aspired to pave my own way while carrying forward the enduring legacy my father spent countless years constructing. Fast forward to 2020, I grabbed a camera, and guess what? I haven't spent a moment looking back since.

About Lauren

Alright fine, I Guess I'll talk about myself...

As I'm sure you can see in this photo, I am unhealthily obsessed with turquoise and native jewelry. I have a love for old western films. Açaí bowls, sushi, and roses are the way to my heart. My favorite place to be during the summer months is in the showbarn. Although travel renews my soul, I am secretly a homebody and adore spending time with my family. Lastly, but most definitely not the least, I'm here on this planet for God to let his light shine through me.

Why Photography?

Photography for me isn't just about capturing images; it's about weaving stories through moments frozen in time. With each click of the shutter, I'm given the incredible opportunity to frame emotions, passions, and connections. The camera becomes my passport to various worlds – from the bustling energy of a wedding day to the champion slap during a grand drive. Every photograph is a chance to tell a tale, evoke a feeling, and create a treasure that will be cherished for years to come. The magic of photography lies in its ability to transcend time, to capture the essence of a fleeting second and transform it into a lifelong memory. It's the art of stopping a heartbeat and encapsulating it in an image. This is why photography is my passion – it allows me to share in the most beautiful and intimate moments of people's lives, freezing those slices of time into everlasting fragments of joy, love, and wonder.

Random Fun Facts

When I'm not clicking away behind the lens, you'll catch me knee-deep in homemade baked goods – or passionately exploring my latest fixation: the art of crafting the perfect bagel recipe!

Sunrises and sunsets are my daily dose of awe – I never get tired of witnessing God's art.

My camera roll? Oh, it's a wild mix of random livestock pics, ridiculously silly candids, and, well, let's just say there's a whole lot of my dog Mia in there too.

I love exploring local cafes and trying their unique coffee blends – a good cup of coffee is a day-maker.

A Snapshot of my life!!

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