Maybe you dream of showcasing the rugged beauty and profound traditions of ranch life, but something stands in your way, like a sturdy barn door that just won't budge no matter how hard you push.

Maybe you’re putting in the hours, trying “all the things,” yet it feels like you’re spinning your wheels, and the relentless hustle is leading you straight to burnout.

Or perhaps, every time you scroll through Instagram, you compare your work to other photographers who seem to have it all figured out—they’re booking dream clients, raising their prices, capturing jaw-dropping shots, and spending more time with their families because they’ve mastered the art of “shooting less & making more.”

…And all you can think is:

I want that

But I don’t know how.

Imagine a weekend where you’re not just learning photography techniques, but immersing yourself in the heart of cowboy culture, guided by someone who grew up living it every day. This is more than just an educational opportunity; it’s a chance to capture the soul of a way of life that’s rich in history, love, and resilience.

The cowboys and their incredible partners who raised and mentored me deserve to have their stories preserved through the lens. Photography here is about more than creating beautiful images; it’s about documenting a legacy for future generations. Each shot taken during this weekend will tell a story of hard work, deep connections, and the unwavering love shared between couples on the ranch.

This is your chance to experience and photograph the authentic rhythms of ranch life, learning from those who live it. Beyond the photoshoots, you’ll engage in 3 interactive workshops led by industry professionals, designed to elevate your photography business.

Think of this weekend as an immersive mastermind—a blend of hands-on photography and deep, meaningful education. Together, let’s capture the essence of cowboy life and the profound love that sustains it. This is more than just a workshop; it’s a celebration of the values and traditions that make ranch life so special.


The Ultimate Western Photography Experience

Cowboy Kinda Love

A transformative retreat for photographers eager to dive into the rich cowboy culture, create breathtaking images, reach new heights in their business, ignite their passion, and embrace their God-given potential.


• Your photography not only creates stunning images but preserves a rich heritage for future generations.

• Say goodbye to burnout as you immerse yourself in a weekend that rejuvenates your passion and creativity.

• Become renowned for your unique ability to capture the profound connection between cowboys and their partners.

• Wave farewell to the isolation—connect with like-minded photographers who understand and support your journey.

• Join a tight-knit community of passionate photographers, all learning and growing together.

• Achieve those elusive revenue goals with the skills and insights gained from industry experts.

• Send galleries that you’re not just proud of, but that deeply move and resonate with your clients.

• Earn rave reviews that go beyond praise—clients will passionately recommend you to everyone they know.

• Master the art of attracting your ideal clients, who will eagerly scramble to book your services.

• Silence that inner critic once and for all with newfound confidence in your unique style and approach.

• Enjoy a steady stream of inquiries, keeping your inbox buzzing with potential clients.


What if we told you:

There's a unique opportunity where you can dive into the heart of cowboy culture, capturing breathtaking images that preserve a timeless way of life. Here, you'll gain inspiration, expert business advice, a supportive community of passionate photographers, and so much more.

What if we also told you that in just one weekend, you could leave with all the tools, connections, and confidence needed to elevate your photography business and craft a legacy that truly resonates?

Sounds incredible, right?



Nestled on 120 acres of Cedar-dappled land, Kane Family Farm offers a unique blend of history and modern luxury. Originally crafted by Nick Marel in the late 1930s, these charming stone structures were hand-chiseled from hillside stone. Marel's legacy includes a machine shed, house, livestock barn, and dairy barn, completed in the late 1940s.

In 2016, Todd Kane purchased the property with a vision to preserve its historical essence while adding modern comforts. Reminiscent of Northern Wisconsin’s dairy farms where Kane grew up, the farm has been fully renovated, maintaining its historic exterior.

At Kane Family Farm, you'll enjoy beautifully restored buildings and stunning natural surroundings. This intimate setting is perfect for relaxation and creativity, offering a home-away-from-home where you can unwind, connect with new friends, and create unforgettable memories amidst rich heritage and natural beauty.


AUGUST  9-11, 2024


• Full Access Admission To Cowboy Kinda Love in Winchester, Kansas On August 9th-11th, 2024

• 4 Total Portfolio Building Styled Shoots (Value: $3,000)

• 1 Wedding Styled Shoot with two couples

• 1 Cowboy Lifestyle Shoot

• 2 Couples Styled Shoots

• 5 Teaching Sessions By Lauren & Guest Speakers (Value: $4,000)

• 6 Hours Of Business Training

• Mini headshot and branding session

• Staff Videographer to Capture all of the BTS! You will leave with one video clip of you shooting or interacting with models and the option to purchase more as you please.

• All Meals Homemade by a Private Chef & Provided During The Workshop (Value: $400)

• Full Luxury Historic Venue Buyout

• 3 Days, 2 Nights In A Private Historic Home (Value: $468)

• A Community Of Like-Minded Business Besties You Can GROW With (Priceless!!)

*Ticket Is Non-Refundable

*Travel & Transportation To And From Workshop Not Included




Pay in full $1300 (& Save!)



Pay in 2: $700 x 2



Pay in 3: $467 x 3

Please note that at this time, single rooms or beds are not available. Almost all attendees will share a bed. Men and women will not share rooms, but this workshop weekend is open to both genders. If you prefer off-site housing, please reach out to Lauren for hotel recommendations in the area. However, please be aware that no discounts will be offered for choosing off-site accommodations.


The first 5 photographers to sign up will receive the opportunity to have a 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with Lauren included in their registration. This can be redeemed at anytime prior to or after the workshop.


• 1 Pre-Workshop Community-Building Zoom Call (Value: $300)

• 1 Post-Workshop Group Coaching Call (Value: $500)

• A Full Workshop Welcome Guide ($150)

• Customized Business Action Worksheet For Each Attendee (Value: $200)

• Access To The Cowboy Kinda Love: Kansas Facebook Group So You Can Prepare, Find Travel Buddies, Learn And Grow Together Before And After, Get The Newest Updates And Info And More!!

Total Value: $9,018

Total Price: $1,300

This isn't just a content weekend with a couple Q&A Sessions

Get ready for a fully immersive workshop experience.

As photographers, mastering the art of photography is only part of the journey; excelling in business is equally crucial. Education is a key component for success, providing the tools and insights needed to thrive in a competitive industry. Below are esteemed speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their insights are invaluable for anyone looking to elevate their photography business and achieve lasting success.

Lindsay Miller-Allmer with Miss Millers Photography

Lindsay, also known as Miss Miller online, is the powerhouse behind Miss Miller's Photography, rooted in the heart of North Eastern Colorado. With a background steeped in Colorado's agricultural legacy, Lindsay brings a unique perspective to her work as a proud fifth-generation beef producer and farmer's daughter.

From leaving college to establishing a thriving six-figure wedding photography business, Lindsay's journey is one of resilience and passion. Her lens captures the essence of HEART and SOL, documenting enchanting western weddings across the country.

When not behind the camera, Lindsay and her husband Tucker tend to their cattle ranch in Briggsdale, Colorado, where inspiration meets rugged beauty.

In her keynote address, Lindsay shares insights on expanding clientele, attracting dream clients, and turning passion into profit. Prepare to be inspired as Lindsay ignites the spark within you to elevate your photography business. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the industry's brightest stars.

Macey Hurst with Lady Livestock Co.

Macey Hurst, raised on a Mid-Missouri cow-calf operation, possesses a profound passion for land and livestock. Armed with degrees in agricultural communications and agribusiness marketing and sales from Missouri State University, complemented by a minor in Spanish, Macey is on a mission to share her family ranch's story.

During her studies, Macey co-founded Lady Livestock Company with her mother and sister, focusing on Black Angus cattle production and farm-to-fork education. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Macey works at Modern Litho, a renowned commercial printer, where she sells print services to various agriculture organizations.

A passionate advocate for agriculture, Macey regularly addresses groups on the importance of women in the industry. In her keynote address, Macey will focus on business strategies, drawing from her diverse experiences in entrepreneurship and sales. Currently planning her wedding and searching for land in Missouri to establish her own cattle herd with her fiancé, Macey embodies the spirit of dedication and ambition in both her personal and professional life.

Lauren Terry with Showboat Media Co.

Lauren is a western wedding and lifestyle photographer from Kansas, with roots deeply embedded in her family’s picturesque cattle ranch. With a passion for freezing cherished moments in time, Lauren believes in the profound power of photography to tell compelling stories. As a devoted Christian, she sees her work as a vehicle for capturing authenticity, love, and the unique, God-given, personalities of each individual she encounters.

In her keynote address, Lauren invites you to explore the path to prioritizing God in your business and aligning your life with His will. This impactful session is focused on integrating faith and nurturing meaningful relationships. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we all face challenges, but by anchoring ourselves in God and His promises, we can gain a transformative perspective on money, success, and the true purpose of our endeavors. Learn how to navigate the complexities of business with a foundation rooted in faith, guided by principles that honor God and elevate your impact on others. This session offers practical insights for embracing spiritual principles in your professional journey, leading to fulfillment and eternal significance.


To ensure that I'm respecting other photographer’s work, I've compiled a Pinterest board where you can view the inspiration for this weekend without including other photographer's photos on this page.

Model Lineup

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Friday schedule  

Join us at noon for a warm arrival and happy hour social, the perfect chance to get to know each other at the ranch. At 2pm, dive into our first educational session led by Lauren, where you'll gain valuable insights and inspiration. By 4pm, you'll be part of the captivating Evening Wild Hearts Documentary Photoshoot.

Afterward, take some time to explore the front pastures of the ranch at 6pm. One pasture will feature longhorns, while the other will house horses and registered cattle. This is your opportunity to slow down, get creative, and enjoy the company of fellow photographers. You’ll also witness Boat and another cowboy riding horseback, providing you with authentic documentary moments to capture.

Feel free to spend the evening as you wish—editing photos, enjoying the camaraderie of new friends, or resting up for an early Saturday morning. Additionally, a pool and concert at the venue offer the perfect way to unwind and have some fun.

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Saturday schedule  

Start your Saturday at 6:30am with a serene sunrise shoot, featuring both a cowboy engagement session and a lifestyle shoot around the ranch. Picture a slow morning with coffee brewing, saddles being tossed into the back of a pickup, and cattle being gathered over the ridge. The home ranch spans 240 acres, and you'll be driven around by ranch pickups to various picturesque locations. Be prepared to ride in the bed of a pickup or walk around to capture the morning’s action.

At 12:30pm, enjoy lunch followed by two insightful educational sessions. By 5pm, it's time to begin the western elopement photoshoot, capturing the romance and rugged beauty of the ranch.

After sunset, around 8pm, return to the Airbnb for dinner and an evening of relaxation. Change into comfy clothes, build lasting friendships, and unwind. The pool and concert venue will also be available, offering a perfect end to your day with fun and leisure.

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Sunday schedule  

On Sunday, kick off the day with a shoot at the retro bar and vintage vehicle locations, featuring a new set of models. This session will take place at two to three unique spots in the surrounding towns, providing a variety of backdrops for your creative shots.

At 11am, enjoy lunch and take a moment to relax before diving into our fourth educational session

at 12pm. Gain more valuable insights and strategies to elevate your photography business.

By 2pm, it’s time to say our goodbyes and head home. Although this marks the end of our weekend together, the friendships formed and the knowledge gained are just the beginning of the evolution of each of your businesses.

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I'm Lauren! First off: I am so happy you are here :)

I am a western wedding and lifestyle photographer from Kansas where I grew up on my family’s beautiful cattle ranch. I have always been captivated by the power of photography to tell compelling stories and freeze cherished moments in time. As a passionate photographer, my mission is to capture the authenticity, love, and unique personalities of each individual I work with. I believe that every person has a story to tell, and I am dedicated to unveiling those stories through my lens.


Gentle reminder that what got you here won’t get you there. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity or sign to invest in yourself: this is it. So click that button, prepare to have the best dang week of your life, and watch your business explode.